What are the most reliable car colours?

Not everything is black and white

Not everything in life is black and white, and cars certaintly aren't! Did you ever think that the choice of colour might effect how likely your car is to break down? Probably not, but with the magic of statistics we can now show you that it does! If you want the most reliable car, get a brown one, with a pass rate over 85%. If you don't fancy brown, you could go for pink, sitting pretty at 81%. Make sure to avoid racing green though, unless your wallet is also full of green. A pass rate only 70% could mean a lot of trips to the garage.

Check out our charts below to see the most reliable, and the most popular, colours of car.

Car Colour MOT Pass Rates

Car Colour Popularity

What does this mean?

This information is calculated from UK MOT data. The MOT is an annual car maintenance check that all cars must sit to determine if they are road worthy. This page shows how likely cars of different ages are to be road worthy.

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